Ultimate Secret For High School Senior Portraits – Franklin, TN Photographer

So it’s Senior year…  You are finally ready for the cap and gown.  Graduation is around the corner.  You’ve sent all the college applications and said your prayers.  And now you are ready for one of the best senior traditions: high school senior portraits.  Like everything else, you want your senior portraits to stand out. You want them to be the best.  Unique but timeless.  Classy but edgy.  Modern but traditional.  And the beauty of high school senior portraits is the variety.  Senior sessions include a few wardrobe changes, different locations, they are by nature varied.  But the one true secret to ultimate senior portraits is…

old fashioned jeans and white t-shirt senior picture

Be YOU!  Yeah, yeah, I know.  You may be thinking, this is so cliche.  Everyone says it.  But does everyone actually do it?  No.  And that’s where you can create the edge you really desire in your senior session.

So, here are a few simple steps to showing the real, authentic you in your senior portraits:

vintage black and white picture of teen boy

Step 1:  Be honest.  With both your photographer and yourself.  Don’t say you want a trendy location if you are actually more comfortable in a secluded area.  This goes for everything from locations to wardrobe.  You need to be comfortable.  If you are uncomfortable, the awkwardness will show in your senior pictures. No one wants that.

moody portrait by river

Step 2: Be daring.  Ok, I know, this kinda goes against step 1, but bear with me here…  You should be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you should be curled up on a couch in your sweats!  Be willing to try something different.  If it reaches outside your comfort zone, then refer back to step 1 and speak up.  But otherwise, be ready to get a little creative.

country sunset senior girl

Step 3: Trust your photographer.  Funny story:  A few years ago I needed a new headshot.  Ok, no problem.  I set up the camera in the backyard, set all of the settings according to the light, etc., and then I went to work posing for the camera as my husband snapped away.  He’s not a photographer and he loves me no matter what, so it never occurred to him to tell me that the poses were painfully awkward.  After I looked at the pictures I realized they were unflattering at best.  I finally understood the weird looks I had been getting from high school seniors.  You see, I like to demonstrate poses for the sessions.  And I always got weird looks that kinda said You want me to lean how?  You want my arm where?  But here’s the difference- on me it looks awkward.  On you it’s amazing.  How do I know? Because this is my gig.  This is my thing.  It’s what I do.  Trust me.  How can you trust me?  Well, just check it out.  You can see example after example of stunning senior portraits right here on the website.  Each one trusted me.  You should, too.

beautiful girl surrounded by purple flowers at sunset

So?  Are you ready for the ultimate senior portrait experience?  Are you ready to really be YOU?  Are you ready to risk a little?  Trust your photographer?  Create epic portraits?  Ok, let’s go.

Misty Carter is a portrait artist in Williamson County, TN.  Best known for her masterful use of color and light, Misty specializes in high school senior pictures, fine art children’s portraits and family portraits.  Now serving Franklin, Spring Hill, Thompsons Station, Brentwood and the greater Nashville area.