Franklin TN Child and Family photographer

“When is the best time to have my child’s portrait done?”

A: This isn’t my first time hearing this question.  For many families, pictures are done every year.  Others, portraits are done on occasion.  Still others like to mix it up and do casual family pictures one year, lifestyle pictures the next and formal family portraits another year.  All of these are great approaches to capturing your growing and changing family!  And while I tend to lean towards formal portraits, with some fun and casual blended in, I myself love to have different kinds of pictures with my own family.  (And I’m happy to make recommendations on photographers with other styles as well.  Really, just ask!)

But back to the topic of your child’s portraits…  if it’s an every year thing, this isn’t an issue for you.  But if it’s more occasional, I suggest sticking with the natural milestones of childhood.  In the first year, they grow and change so much.  It’s important to capture each phase.  But don’t get caught up on the numbers.  I prefer to look at the phases as infant, sitting and standing (rather than newborn, 6 months, 1 year).  The next milestone will come around Kindergarten, but again, don’t get caught up on age.  This is my absolute favorite.  Around this age, your child has grown into their big kid look, but they still have their baby smile.  Capture that innocent smile before it’s gone!  Of course a toothless grin is worth a million, too.  But you can never go back to that sweet, baby smile.

classic picture of smiling child

Other milestones as they grow will be in their preteen years.  Yes, I know they can be awkward, so it’s the perfect time to pamper them with a professional photo shoot to boost their self esteem!  And, of course, high school graduation.

I hope this is helpful!  Memories matter!!

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