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Senior picture trends and tips – Franklin, TN senior photographer

Nashville is such a trendy town.  Everything about it is cool.  The music, the lights, the venues, the eateries, the museums, creative artists…  everything.  cool.

So, it’s no surprise that high school seniors around Nashville hold a higher standard for their senior portraits.  They need to be stunning and understated, on trend and unique.  And in all this mix of awesomeness, they need to tell the story of who you are at this moment in life.  (After all, your senior year marks an exciting and hard-earned transition from childhood into adulthood.  You’ve made it! Woo hoo!!)

How can you make sure to have some of that classic cool that is so very Nashville in your senior pictures?  Well, here are a few tips:

  1. Consider location!  With so many stunning parks and urban areas, it’s tempting to take a photographic tour of the whole town.  However, you need to remember that this is the story of YOU, so pick a few places that mean something to (you guessed it) you.  Run these locations by your photographer and discuss which would be best for your senior pictures.
  2. Consider wardrobe!  This is where it really gets fun.  Choose a variety of outfits.  You’ll need AT LEAST three…  Something casual, like what you would wear everyday; something fancy, like a sundress or sweater, something grandma would like to see on her wall; something fun, like you were heading to a party or special event.  You can also include a favorite t-shirt, team jersey, uniform from your favorite activity, riding boots and jeans, etc…  so, so many choices here…  be creative!  Have fun with it.  But if it feels overwhelming, know that I’m here to help with it, too 😉
  3. Consider accessories!  Accessories in normal life have the ability to change an outfit from drab to fab, but in the photographic world they have even more power.  A scarf can create a dreamy effect around your face.  A jacket can be worn, rolled up, thrown over a shoulder or clutched at your side.  A hat can be anything from sassy to secretive depending on the tilt…  (You can check out some of my favorite hat pictures below and see just what I’m talking about).

Bottom line, Nashville is cool.  Senior pictures are cool.  You’re cool.  Let’s bring them all together.

americana senior pictures sassy girl in black hat girl in convertible bmw best of senior photographers cary, il girl in field of wild flowers

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Best portrait accessory – styling tips for a successful session

Go ahead…  ask me…  what’s my number one, most, all time favorite accessory for styling portraits?  It’s so simple and yet, still has some… er, complications…  So, my best portrait accessory:

A hat.  Yep, a well styled hat adds so much to a portrait.  It’s truly the best accessory for portraits.  You can tilt it, pull it low, peek out from under, look silly or sophisticated.  And, after all, in addition to adding to our outfit, a good accessory should go with our personality, too.  A hat is so versatile.  Whether it’s a fedora or a wide brim, please bring your favorite with you to your portrait session!

And, yes, I did mention some complications… (pay close attention to this how to) there’s just one rule with wearing a hat for a professional portrait:  baseball caps are strongly discouraged.  Yes, they have their time and place, and if you can actually convince me that it would add to your personality shining through in your pictures, well, then I might reconsider.

This little one found her big brother’s old hat one day and decided it was her new favorite.  So, she brought it along to her portrait session and it was magic!

What do you think?  What is your favorite accessory for a professional portrait?

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child picture in photo backdrop


natural smile young girl in hat

heirloom portraits

young girl in formal portrait wearing hat


You can also check out how some of the high school seniors have used hats to add originality to their senior picture here.

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