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Ultimate Secret For High School Senior Portraits – Franklin, TN Photographer

So it’s Senior year…  You are finally ready for the cap and gown.  Graduation is around the corner.  You’ve sent all the college applications and said your prayers.  And now you are ready for one of the best senior traditions: high school senior portraits.  Like everything else, you want your senior portraits to stand out. You want them to be the best.  Unique but timeless.  Classy but edgy.  Modern but traditional.  And the beauty of high school senior portraits is the variety.  Senior sessions include a few wardrobe changes, different locations, they are by nature varied.  But the one true secret to ultimate senior portraits is…

old fashioned jeans and white t-shirt senior picture

Be YOU!  Yeah, yeah, I know.  You may be thinking, this is so cliche.  Everyone says it.  But does everyone actually do it?  No.  And that’s where you can create the edge you really desire in your senior session.

So, here are a few simple steps to showing the real, authentic you in your senior portraits:

vintage black and white picture of teen boy

Step 1:  Be honest.  With both your photographer and yourself.  Don’t say you want a trendy location if you are actually more comfortable in a secluded area.  This goes for everything from locations to wardrobe.  You need to be comfortable.  If you are uncomfortable, the awkwardness will show in your senior pictures. No one wants that.

moody portrait by river

Step 2: Be daring.  Ok, I know, this kinda goes against step 1, but bear with me here…  You should be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you should be curled up on a couch in your sweats!  Be willing to try something different.  If it reaches outside your comfort zone, then refer back to step 1 and speak up.  But otherwise, be ready to get a little creative.

country sunset senior girl

Step 3: Trust your photographer.  Funny story:  A few years ago I needed a new headshot.  Ok, no problem.  I set up the camera in the backyard, set all of the settings according to the light, etc., and then I went to work posing for the camera as my husband snapped away.  He’s not a photographer and he loves me no matter what, so it never occurred to him to tell me that the poses were painfully awkward.  After I looked at the pictures I realized they were unflattering at best.  I finally understood the weird looks I had been getting from high school seniors.  You see, I like to demonstrate poses for the sessions.  And I always got weird looks that kinda said You want me to lean how?  You want my arm where?  But here’s the difference- on me it looks awkward.  On you it’s amazing.  How do I know? Because this is my gig.  This is my thing.  It’s what I do.  Trust me.  How can you trust me?  Well, just check it out.  You can see example after example of stunning senior portraits right here on the website.  Each one trusted me.  You should, too.

beautiful girl surrounded by purple flowers at sunset

So?  Are you ready for the ultimate senior portrait experience?  Are you ready to really be YOU?  Are you ready to risk a little?  Trust your photographer?  Create epic portraits?  Ok, let’s go.

Misty Carter is a portrait artist in Williamson County, TN.  Best known for her masterful use of color and light, Misty specializes in high school senior pictures, fine art children’s portraits and family portraits.  Now serving Franklin, Spring Hill, Thompsons Station, Brentwood and the greater Nashville area.

Nashville Children’s Photographer – fine art portrait

Being a Nashville children’s photographer is never dull!  This was one of those typical Nashville summer days, when everything is clouds and sunshine, until suddenly it isn’t.  Just as we were getting started with our session, the clouds rolled in and the sky turned dark.  These precious kids weren’t phased though.  They were sweet and silly and playful right up to the moment the first rain drop fell.  Our session was cut short, and in situations like this, we will reschedule the remainder of their session.  But I am so glad that we went ahead with the session and used the time we had.  If we had cancelled from the beginning, we might have missed this darling image.

photographers picture of children


Misty Carter Photography is a child and family portrait photographer located in Williamson County, TN.  She serves Nashville, TN; Brentwood, TN; Franklin, TN; Thompsons Station, TN; Spring Hill, TN; Columbia, TN; Murfreesboro, TN; Green Hills, TN; Belle Meade, TN; and the greater Nashville area.

Nashville Photographer – classic child portraits

This is it folks.  This is what it is all about.  Classic child portraits.  Of all of our precious treasures and amazing accomplishments, I think most of us would agree that our children are the greatest.  These little smiles and dimples, the tiny baby teeth not yet replaced by toothless grins, the wrinkles in their noses when they laugh.  So, so many little details of their childhood that we want to preserve and remember forever…

sisters in pale dresses sitting in wildflowers photography

These sweet sisters had an amazing sunset session this summer at a park located about 45 minutes outside of Nashville, in Thompsons Station, TN.  The park and surrounding areas were a prime location for these portraits.  The wildflowers and skyline glowing pink and purple added to the beauty of the evening.  A little shyness quickly melted into giggles and playfulness.  Both of which are reflected in this gallery.  Both equally important in telling the story.

little girl looking at clover flower

When working with siblings, I always take care to capture a few images together as well as a few images individually.  They, and their parents, will want to remember their childhood bond.  But they also display their unique personalities as well.  Sisters can be (and usually are!) so very different.

For more information about a family or child portrait session, send me an email. I would be happy to answer all of your questions!

Misty Carter Photography is located in Williamson County, TN, just outside Nashville.  Specializing in child portraits, family pictures and high school senior pictures, she serves the greater Nashville area, including Franklin, TN; Brentwood, TN; Spring Hill, TN; Columbia, TN; Murfreesboro, TN; Nolensville, TN; and surrounding areas.

Franklin, TN family and senior photographer – wall art spotlight

Franklin, Tennessee…  a town rich in music, food and creatives.  The area abounds with writers, creators, photographers, artists of all sorts.  With all of the creative juices flowing in this area, it’s one of the most exciting, fun places to live.  Which is partly why this area is growing so fast!  If you are new to the area, Welcome!  I’m happy to help as you choose the right photographer for your family.  I’m even happy to make recommendations if you are looking for a slightly different style – really, just ask!

Amongst all of the amazing photographers around Nashville, you may wonder which one is best for you and your family.  There are several things to consider when choosing the right photographer.  One thing you will want to check out is what kind of products they offer for your portraits.

display family portrait in frame on wall

One question to ask yourself is, “How do I want to display my portraits in my home?”  Do you prefer a large wall portrait that you can walk by and see everyday?  Smaller prints to decorate shelves or your desk?  An album that captures every detail?  A luxurious, leather folio with matted prints?  Knowing your own preferences will help you choose a photographer that offers just what you need.

One of my own favorites is a fine art standout print.  These gorgeous pieces of art are printed on archival, fine art paper.  With a deckled or straight edge, these prints are mounted with coordinating mattes and a solid wood frame.  The options for color and texture in a fine art print are infinite.  Each one is uniquely created to magnify the beauty of the print, while complimenting the style of your home.  They are a perfect duet of craft and design.

child portrait framed art print

Fine Art Print, in the room in which will be displayed.  You can see how the colors all come together to create a piece of art that works perfectly in the home decor.  This particular room was based on french country design elements.  By thinking about the end product even prior to the session, we were able to plan every detail to work together.  The colors in the child’s dress matched both the colors in the wildflowers as well as the colors in the room.  We were then able to pull those colors out into the mattes and the frame choice to accentuate the desired look.  In the end, we have a perfectly unique and original work of art for the home.

Love!  It’s at the heart of every portrait.  The feelings and sentiment that you have for your children or grandchildren.  This isn’t just another art print, it’s a timeless capture of someone you hold very dear.

art print with frame choices

The design process behind your wall art takes many things into account.  The style of your home decor, your own personal style and preferences, the personality of the child, the emotion you want to create in the image, and so much more!

Misty Carter Photography is a portrait artist based in Franklin, TN.  Serving the greater Nashville area, she specializes in child, family and high school senior portraits.

Serving Franklin, TN; Brentwood, TN; Nashville, TN; Spring Hill, TN; Thompsons Station, TN; Nolensville, TN; Murfreesboro, TN; Columbia, TN.

Franklin TN Child and Family photographer

“When is the best time to have my child’s portrait done?”

A: This isn’t my first time hearing this question.  For many families, pictures are done every year.  Others, portraits are done on occasion.  Still others like to mix it up and do casual family pictures one year, lifestyle pictures the next and formal family portraits another year.  All of these are great approaches to capturing your growing and changing family!  And while I tend to lean towards formal portraits, with some fun and casual blended in, I myself love to have different kinds of pictures with my own family.  (And I’m happy to make recommendations on photographers with other styles as well.  Really, just ask!)

But back to the topic of your child’s portraits…  if it’s an every year thing, this isn’t an issue for you.  But if it’s more occasional, I suggest sticking with the natural milestones of childhood.  In the first year, they grow and change so much.  It’s important to capture each phase.  But don’t get caught up on the numbers.  I prefer to look at the phases as infant, sitting and standing (rather than newborn, 6 months, 1 year).  The next milestone will come around Kindergarten, but again, don’t get caught up on age.  This is my absolute favorite.  Around this age, your child has grown into their big kid look, but they still have their baby smile.  Capture that innocent smile before it’s gone!  Of course a toothless grin is worth a million, too.  But you can never go back to that sweet, baby smile.

classic picture of smiling child

Other milestones as they grow will be in their preteen years.  Yes, I know they can be awkward, so it’s the perfect time to pamper them with a professional photo shoot to boost their self esteem!  And, of course, high school graduation.

I hope this is helpful!  Memories matter!!

Misty Carter Photography is a child and family portrait photographer in Franklin, TN.  Serving the greater Nashville area and all of Williamson County, Misty specializes in capturing your families memories and turning them into art pieces you will treasure for years to come!  Schedule your session today by emailing  Misty is available for sessions in Nashville, Belle Meade, Green Hills, Brentwood, Franklin, Thompsons Station, Spring Hill, Columbia, Murfreesboro, Nolensville, Leipers Fork, and everywhere in between!

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