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As a Nashville children’s photographer, I have the pleasure of meeting many wonderful families.  I was working on some new Brentwood family portraits the other day and it reminded me of this precious family.

People often ask when my favorite time for portraits is, the perfect time of year, the perfect time of day, the perfect weather…  this is it.  A cool(er) summer evening, setting sun…  pure magic.  The Black-eyed Susans are in full bloom around middle Tennessee right now, which might be what brought back this sweet session to my memory.  Or maybe it was the glowing faces or brothers and sisters that truly adore each other.  Either way, it’s fun to have these pictures to look back on and reminisce.

family pictures at sunset outdoor family picture in front of pond brother and sister portrait family hugging picture girl in wildflowers boy on pier for portrait

Misty Carter Photography is a portrait photographer in Williamson County, Tennessee specializing in child and family portraits as well as high school senior pictures.  MCP serves the greater Nashville area including Franklin, TN; Brentwood, TN; Spring Hill, TN; Thompsons Station, TN; Nolensville, TN; Columbia, TN; Murfreesboro, TN; and all of middle Tennessee.

Nashville Children’s Photographer – Displaying your portraits

As a photographer specializing in children’s portraits in Nashville, TN, I hear lots of questions from parents.  Often the top questions are about what to wear or the perfect location.  But another question pops up every so often as well.  While capturing all of the memories and your growing child, wall space can run slim.  Do you really want to take down that treasured portrait of your once toddler with his mischievous grin?  Isn’t that the whole point of wall art, to continue to enjoy it for years to come?  I sure think so…

child photographer picture display

But you don’t want to miss this toothless grin of your now seven year old…  This is why I think options like the leather folio and custom albums are so important.  Yes, wall portrait that you can walk by everyday matter.  Your children can walk by them everyday and see their own faces hung in honor and know that they are important and valued.  But then you can also take out a family album or folio case and flip through those images as well.

nashville child photographer folio

sleek leather folio for portraits

One of my favorite things to pair with a leather folio is a simple easel.  Sitting on a shelf or sideboard, an easel that compliments your home’s style can be an ever changing rotation of your favorite pictures.

easel for rotating picture display

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Misty Carter Photography specializes in child and family photography, as well as high school senior pictures, in Nashville, TN; Franklin, TN; Brentwood, TN; Spring Hill, TN; Belle Meade, TN; Green Hills, TN; Columbia, TN; Murfreesboro, TN; Nolensville, TN; and Thompsons Station, TN.

Nashville Children’s Photographer – Newborn family portraits

True love.  As a Nashville children’s photographer, I get to see love in families in many different ways.  When you see it, you know it.  You can feel it radiating from every bit of their connection.

I have never seen a family so smitten with a baby girl before.  This long awaited princess is well worth every prayer and sacrifice her family made to get her here.  There is just something so pure and precious about a baby girl…

This darling newborn girl greeted her family recently in Brentwood, TN.  Her infant pictures were a highlight of my summer.  Her older brother was my helpful assistant.  What a dream you are, Baby Belle!!

beautiful mom with newborn baby girl in park

baby girl wearing crown

brothers holding newborn baby

family surrounding newborn in park

Misty Carter Photography is a portrait artist in Williamson County, Tennessee, serving the greater Nashville area including Brentwood, TN; Franklin, TN; Thompsons Station, TN; Spring Hill, TN; Murfreesboro, TN; Columbia, TN; Belle Mead and Green Hills.  Misty Carter is a professional photographer specializing in child and family photos as well as high school senior pictures.

Franklin TN Child and Family photographer

“When is the best time to have my child’s portrait done?”

A: This isn’t my first time hearing this question.  For many families, pictures are done every year.  Others, portraits are done on occasion.  Still others like to mix it up and do casual family pictures one year, lifestyle pictures the next and formal family portraits another year.  All of these are great approaches to capturing your growing and changing family!  And while I tend to lean towards formal portraits, with some fun and casual blended in, I myself love to have different kinds of pictures with my own family.  (And I’m happy to make recommendations on photographers with other styles as well.  Really, just ask!)

But back to the topic of your child’s portraits…  if it’s an every year thing, this isn’t an issue for you.  But if it’s more occasional, I suggest sticking with the natural milestones of childhood.  In the first year, they grow and change so much.  It’s important to capture each phase.  But don’t get caught up on the numbers.  I prefer to look at the phases as infant, sitting and standing (rather than newborn, 6 months, 1 year).  The next milestone will come around Kindergarten, but again, don’t get caught up on age.  This is my absolute favorite.  Around this age, your child has grown into their big kid look, but they still have their baby smile.  Capture that innocent smile before it’s gone!  Of course a toothless grin is worth a million, too.  But you can never go back to that sweet, baby smile.

classic picture of smiling child

Other milestones as they grow will be in their preteen years.  Yes, I know they can be awkward, so it’s the perfect time to pamper them with a professional photo shoot to boost their self esteem!  And, of course, high school graduation.

I hope this is helpful!  Memories matter!!

Misty Carter Photography is a child and family portrait photographer in Franklin, TN.  Serving the greater Nashville area and all of Williamson County, Misty specializes in capturing your families memories and turning them into art pieces you will treasure for years to come!  Schedule your session today by emailing mistycarterphotography@gmail.com  Misty is available for sessions in Nashville, Belle Meade, Green Hills, Brentwood, Franklin, Thompsons Station, Spring Hill, Columbia, Murfreesboro, Nolensville, Leipers Fork, and everywhere in between!

Spring Hill TN photographer – child and family

A child’s portrait should capture just who they are.  Their personality, in every way, should shine through.  In this case, this little guy showed his strength and determination.  His grit and focus.  Of course, his focus may often be directed at dirt, noise, danger, fast things and every combination of these, but he is still honing his character to be a great and mighty leader some day.  The world belongs to these children.

CHD child picture

This studio set up is actually a mobile studio.  It is available for travel and set-up at your office or remote location for headshots or other professional photos.

Misty Carter Photography is a portrait artist in Williamson County, TN.  She specializes in child and family photography and serves Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Nolensville, Spring Hill, Columbia, Murfreesboro, Forest Hills, 12 South, Belle Meade, Green Hills, Kingston Springs, Fairview, Leipers Fork.

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